Friday, October 26, 2012


I hate it when you're sick. Really. It's a terrible thing, and not just because I love you, but because it's really annoying to read your facebook posts, and to hear you whine, and because over and over and over again, you keep doing dumb things to make yourselves sick. And I mean all that with all of the love that I can muster.

Now, I have a hobby, that mostly involves reading about food, specifically the way food affects you, and the way that food makes you better. Or not sick to begin with.

I've been spreading information to you dudes for months now about awesome food. I've been telling you about it in bars, and on gmail chats, and I've been scribbling notes about it on napkins, because you keep forgetting the word MAITAKE. And now, I'm gonna make it all in one place, have it be easily accessable, have it be totally EASY for you dudes to get better. Sounds good, right? I'll do my best to make the information as accurate as possible, feel free to let me know if I'm missing something. I'm not a doctor, especially not your doctor, so if you have some weirdo issues, or allergies, or whatever, maybe talk to your doctor and not just listen to some shit I write on the internet.

Alright, so there we are. And away we go. contact me at